Evora S: Pure Drivers Car - Rebate Special!
There are Grand Touring Cars that prioritize image. There are Sports Cars, some of which are quite sporty. And then there are Driver's Cars in which the highest priority is the driving experience. If you're one of the few that understand and appreciate the difference, then it's time for you to drive one of the purest, best handling and most fun to drive cars on the planet - The Lotus Evora or Evora S. If you're the current registered owner of a qualifying competitive make vehicle and you'd like to thoroughly enjoy the drive of a Lotus Evora or Evora S daily, simply visit Auto Europe, negotiate your best deal on a new Evora or Evora S AND then receive an additional $4,000 rebate from Lotus Cars USA!

This offer is good on your retail purchase of any new and untitled 2013 or 2014 Evora or Evora S and you must take delivery no later than Monday, June 30, 2014. You must be the owner of a currently registered qualifying competitive vehicle - please contact Auto Europe to confirm your qualification.
See you on the Track!

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