Morgan Plus 4

The Morgan Plus 4 is by far the company’s most popular model, and for good reason. A versatile and well-balanced sports car, the Plus 4 has rightly become a Morgan institution since its inception back in 1950. Featuring wider wheels and wings than the 4/4, the Plus 4 takes on a more dominant aesthetic.

The Plus 4 represents the sweet spot within Morgan’s diverse and celebrated range of models, it possesses more power and performance than the 4/4, whilst still retaining a level of fuel economy that makes it ideal for long distance touring. As with all Morgan cars, it is available to tailor and customise, both in the visual options available, as well as the performance enhancements and tuning capabilities.

The experience of driving a Plus 4 is exhilarating, engaging and enjoyable. Its traditional set up is complimented by a modern engine and drivetrain, striking a perfect balance between ‘new and old’. It possesses ample, usable power. Equally comfortable cruising around town or on fast A roads, the Plus 4 is the Morgan of choice for many owners. 

110 Years

Celebrating 110 years of driving pleasure, Morgan’s most popular model is now available in the US market. The Plus 4 is imported as a rolling-coach or component car with the drivetrain installed by your Morgan retailer. Titling will vary state by state.

Morgan Plus 4 pricing starts at $69,995.00 POE Detroit, Michigan

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