Built-In Performance

The name Lotus is synonymous across the world with sublime handling and exceptional vehicle dynamics. The key to it all is that every Lotus is designed and engineered from scratch with a singular focus. Every Lotus is purpose-built to be a pure sports car.

Any mass-produced saloon or hatchback can be made to go faster but it’s never the optimal starting point for a performance car. For that, you need an exceptionally light, rigid chassis designed by a company with seven decades of elite-level motorsport experience. Every Lotus, from the Elise Sport 220 to the Evora GT, benefits from a bespoke, motorsport tested, bonded aluminum chassis. The pioneering process of bonding aluminum extrusions remains state-of-the-art today and provides the ideal platform for some of the highest quality suspension components to be found on any road car.

Each and every Lotus car features the optimal, cost-no-object design of unequal length double wishbones for superior kinematics, absolute precision, intuitive response and maximum tire grip. With all four contact patches optimally controlled, the Evora GT can generate astonishing cornering forces from modest tires. Very few car companies today offer such high quality suspension across the range. Then again, very few car companies focus exclusively on purpose-built sports cars.

Hethel Track

The other secret to world-renowned ride and handling expertise, is the on-site test track at Hethel. A luxury enjoyed by few other car makers, it allows Lotus to develop cars faster and more intensively. Every Lotus is painstakingly honed to extract every last drop of dynamic performance from each component – remaining true to Colin Chapman’s principle of performance through light weight.